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'Arab-style House with a Luscious Garden, Breathtaking View'

Hanna Jubran, a Jerusalemite married Mariam Bahit, from the nearby village of 'Ayn Karim. Mariam's father, Anton Bahit gave the married couple a plot of land in 'Ayn Karim, for the groom to eventually construct a house there. Hanna and Mariam had eight children: Abdallah, Eleonore, Abdallah, Anton, Hilda, Daoud, Gaby, and Claire. Sadly their first child, Abdallah died from measles at the age of twenty months.  When Hanna and Mariam had another boy, they gave him the same name.

Dar Jubran was built sometime in the late 1930's, early 1940's as Eleonore, the eldest child recalls that her last four siblings were all born in the house. Sitti Hilaneh was also living in the house and shared a room with the girls, which featured a memorable white tiled floor. The boys, room also had these white tiles, whereas the liwan or corridor had a black and white patterned floor. Abu Abdallah and Umm Abdallah's room had a decorative floor tile, known as sijjadeh (carpet) that is found in many houses in the Mediterranean. Located on a mountaintop, Dar Jubran overlooks 'Ayn Karim.


DREAM HOMES is delighted to present to you for the very first time rare handmade maps by members of the family for whom the house was built.


Go to 'Ayn Karim. Upon reaching the lawayeh or road curve, you will see a small street on your left hand side. Walking into the street you will pass by Dar Zacharia, then Dar Ni'meh. Shortly after you should make a left turn into another small street where you cannot miss Dar Jubran, which has an iron door with two big jarrahs or jars at the entrance. Stored in theses jarrahs are yearlong supplies of water and olive oil that fellaheen or peasant women would carry on their heads to bring to the house. Dar Jubran has two hakouras or gardens at the entrance of the property, where you will notice lemon, apple, prune and peach trees, along with various sorts of flowers. Should you get lost, you might be in luck to come across the Jubran brothers, Abdallah and Anton, walking to take the bus to go to the Collège des Frères, New Gate, Jerusalem.