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'Beautiful Arab-style House, Old and Genuine'

Hanna Safieh is one of the most renowned Palestinian Arab photographers that was working during the British Mandate. He gained recognition for being among the few photographers taking pictures outside the Photo Studio, which was a more common practice at the time. His work brought him in contact with numerous people. A friend of Hanna's was Moses Levy, who was married to a woman named Victoria. They were the owners of an orphanage run by Victoria. Through this aquaintance, Hanna Safieh was thought to have met his future bride Frida Goldberg, a Ukranian Jewish orphan, with one brother, Simon and one sister, Sarah.

Hanna and Frida got married in the early 1930's and the bride converted into Christianity. They had their first child, Louis while they were renting the second floor of a house in Musrara. When the couple moved in, Frida placed a horseshoe at the entrance of the kitchen door for good luck. Fouad Safieh, Hanna's brother was also living in this apartment. The second child of Abu Louis and Umm Louis, named Romilda was also born there. It was common to hear Abu Louis or Umm Louis calling their son from one of the large verandas of the house, 'Louis, come, come and eat…' or 'Louis, come and study your lessons…' while he was playing football or riding bicycle with a group of neighbourhood boys who had turned the street that faced Dar Safieh, the Shiber Building and Dr. Saliba Sa'idi into their private playground.


DREAM HOMES is delighted to present to you for the very first time rare handmade maps by members of the family for whom the house was built.

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From the Collège des Frères, you will need to walk a few metres until you reach the exit of the Bab-el-Jedid or New Gate. Once you are outside the Old City gate, traverse the street toward the Notre Dame and take a right turn. Walk downward on the narrow street. Make the first left and immediately to your right is the Al-Mazi Hotel, a small accommodation with no more than a dozen rooms. Continue straight and to your left you will see a Nursing Home. Facing it is the Bus Stop for bus No 18 that goes to Ramallah. If you continue walking, a few metres later you will see Abu Khalil's Grocer, to your left. Facing it is the house where Umberto Abu-Khalil lives, a classmate of Louis Safieh at École de Frère. Further on, to your left you will notice a big house where Syriac families live. To make sure you are walking in the correct direction have someone point you towards the Salesian School or Dom Bosco, which should be on your left hand side, a few minutes walk away. Once you reach the school, continue straight. You will pass the Shoe Repair Shop at the right corner, off the main street. You will hear the neighbourhood boys playing football. Don't turn right into the side street, instead walk about a few more metres from the school. To your right on that same street you will pass Charlie, Simon, Tawfik and Nayda Safieh's house. Then you will come across a corner house where Ammi' Karimeh letted a room. Continue walking another two metres more and you will see the dentist, Dr Tawfik Chagorieh's Clinic. It is on your left hand side. Proceed straight and few metres to your right you will see Dar Safieh's, a house with beautiful verandas. To confirm you have reached the right house, look for a sign above the front door written 1906.