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'Marvelous Arab-style House with a Distinct Allure, A Must Have'

In 1911, Saleh Giacaman, like many other Bethlehemites, had two houses built in the neighbourhood of Musrara in Jerusalem, one for his son Issa and the other for his son Yacoub.


DREAM HOMES is delighted to present to you for the very first time rare handmade maps by members of the family for whom the house was built.

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Take Bus #22 from the Nativity Church Square, Bethlehem to Bab-el-Khalil, Jaffa Gate Square, Jerusalem for 1.5 Palestinian Piasters RT. If you are departing from Beit Jala take Bus #21 and if you are going from Hebron take Bus #23. The bus will stop at Bab-el-Khalil Square, which is parallel to Bab-el Khalil wall. Head opposite the Bab-el-Khalil wall. You will pass Hotel Fast, the Miriam and Nijmeh Salman Shops and then reach another square, where the Ottoman Bank and Barclays Bank are situated. Continue on this street that leads to Jaffa Road and you will pass by the French Hospital and Notre Dame to your left and Tomayan, the photographer to your right. Going downhill, take your first left into Musrara, and the first house to your right, is Dr. Tawfik Canaan's house. Continue to walk until you reach the Salesian School or Don Bosco, which is on the left side of the street. You will find two adjoining properties after the school. This indicates that you have reached the houses of the Giacaman brothers.