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'Splendid Arab-style House in a Tranquil Street Corner, a Gem'

In 1923, Jacob Theodorie, son of Theodor Yanni Theodorie and Hafiza Sahhar bought a plot of land in Talbiyeh and built a house on it.  Construction completed in 1925 and Jacob, together with his parents and two brothers Nasri and Jamil moved into the house. In 1927, Jacob married Alice Moushabek and the bride moved into the Theodorie house. Shortly after the wedding, Abu Jacob passed away and Jamil moved out, leaving Jacob and Alice, Nasri, his wife Juliette, and Umm Jacobas as the residents of the house.

Abu Teddy and Umm Teddy had three children: Teddy, Nadia and Fouad. Unlike the common practice at the time of giving birth in the home, all three children were born at the Government Hospital in the Russian Compound in Jerusalem. However their cousin Renée, daughter of 'Ammo Nasri and Mart-'Ammo Juliette was born in the family home in the middle of the night in 1931.


DREAM HOMES is delighted to present to you for the very first time rare handmade maps by members of the family for whom the house was built.


Head to Talbiyeh.  Opposite the Capuchin Monastery you find Dar Theodorie.  It is the two-storey house located, at the corner. At the entrance of the house, to your right is an impressive apricot tree and to the left is a beautiful garden with a great variety of flowers – this should help you recognise the correct address. You cannot miss the climbing roses that grow in a large bush. The rose petals are huge and unforgettable. You will notice the lemon tree, grapefruit tree, loquat tree and jasmine tree. To the right of Dar Theodorie is Dr.Kalbian's house. Behind Dar Theodorie is As'ad Khadder's house. Across the street, to the left of Khadder's house is the Dar Hallak.  Opposite of Khadder's house and across the street is the Jasmine Hostel, which got its name from the owner's daughter, Yasmeen Canaan.  She is the daughter of Palestinian physician Dr.Tawfiq Canaan, who is known for his extensive research in anthropology and ethnography. You can always ask at the hostel for directions should you get lost, as it is reputed for its hospitality.



Dream Homes Property Consultants (DHPC) presents a new film titled, On a Winter’s Night, featuring siblings, Teddy and Nadia Theodorie.